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Progressive Training For Athletes

Hawai’i is a beautiful place to live.  There are so many opportunities for extracurricular activities and for all ages.  The beauty of recreational sport participation is something we are so fortunate to have at our disposal here on the Big Isle.  Our wonderful environment gives us the opportunity to play sports all year long.

However, we are unaware of the risks of injury, especially overuse injuries, when participating in all year-round athletics without the proper rest, conditioning, training, or cross training seasons.  Most people tend to make excuses for the injuries… do any of these sound like something that you’ve told yourself or another person?

  • Oh, it’s just old age, I’m sure it’ll get better on its own.
  • I’ve had this before and it just needs some rest.
  • I’m just going to ignore it and deal with it after the tournament.
  • I just have to work through it.
  • I just didn’t stretch before playing today.
  • I just have to stretch and it’ll get all better.
  • No pain, No gain

There are so many more things that we tell ourselves, but ultimately do you really know what to do to help yourself?

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