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No Fault Auto Accident Victims

Car accidents are among the most serious causes of chronic injuries without proper rehabilitation.  The results of a car accident can be very devastating, restricting, and even depressing for an individual struggling to cope with the pain.  People are at a high risk of developing long-term health issues if left without appropriate treatment interventions.  Here in Hawai’i, car accidents are more common that we realize for a number of different causes and reactions.

Why Physical Therapy after a car accident?

Most people are accustomed to rest, painkillers, and/or a neck brace initially after the accident.  Some people are given an opportunity to see a massage therapist as well.  For the most part, these interventions can provide either some or complete relief temporarily.  Pain caused as a result of a car accident may cause significant tissue or muscle damage.  Physical therapy is a key treatment intervention to address such injuries to help facilitate and guide tissue repair and strengthen musculoskeletal tissues to help relieve the pain long term.

Don’t wait!

Physical therapy treatment can help to restore your function and pain free mobility.  The most important part to recovery is timing.  The sooner you are able to participate in skilled physical therapy, the sooner the recovery and improvement in your pain.  The longer you take to see a skilled physical therapist, your body will start to develop compensatory movement patterns that will start to contribute to your clinical pain.  Once treatment is initiated, your physical therapist can help you to manage your pain, control your pain, and even assist with managing inflammation or pain exacerbations.

Please don’t let your injuries develop into chronic complications.  Give Physical Therapy an opportunity to help you improve your pain, restore your function, and get you back to your life before your accident.

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