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Activity + Outdoors = Fun!

Living on an island is one of the most precious gifts that I’ve learned to value and embrace over the years. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are many adventures to partake in here on the island from hunting, snorkeling, fishing, outrigger canoe paddling, hiking, camping, golfing, collecting sea glass on the beach, archery, and the list goes on. I don’t know about you but when I’m active throughout the week, there are times when I get muscle soreness especially in my back. I have worked in healthcare for over a decade and being on my feet then sitting to document patient care at work plus having an active lifestyle outside of work can do a number on my body.

There could be a number of reasons why my low back could be bothering me at any given time but I recently learned that when my hips are tight and/or weak that may contribute to my low back pain. A recent journal article compared 3 groups who had recurrent or chronic low back pain over 6 weeks . The first group performed only hip rotation stretching at home. The second group performed multidirectional hip stretching. And the last group performed hip strengthening exercises.

The results showed 60-70% of all participants had decreased pain after 6 weeks of treatment. The only group that had the most significant improvement in function was the last group that performed hip strengthening exercises. In physical therapy, we understand that everything in your body is connected. If you need some help with your back and or hips, come and let us help you reduce your pain and get you moving again. If you are coming into PT to treat your low back and you are wondering why your PT is giving you exercises related to your hip, this is why. The hip stretches help to reduce hip pain and the strengthening will improve your functional mobility so you can do all the things you need to do at work and for your family AND be able to do the fun in your life too.

In the wise words of physical therapists, “motion is lotion” so keep moving to reduce pain and improve your functional mobility to do the things you love/need to do.



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Winter, S. (2015). Effectiveness of targeted home-based hip exercises in individuals with non-specific chronic or recurrent low back pain with reduced hip mobility: A randomized trial. Journal of Back & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, 28(4), 811–825.


Hope Factora, SPTA

Student Physical Therapy Assistant

Shasta College

Editied by Dr. Malia Tallett P.T., D.P.T., T.P.S.

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