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Accessibility For Rehab Services

Maintaining our independence and function helps us to feel confident about ourselves and our capabilities. We tend to define ourselves by our abilities. When life throws us a curveball, we realize we’ve taken our independence for granted. Our Hawai’i Island community struggles with the lack of rehabilitation services allowing us to recover in the comforts of our own community.  Ke Ola Kino Physical Therapy, LLC offers a one-stop shop providing physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) services working cooperatively towards restoring, enhancing, and rebuilding your confidence towards independence.  

You may be thinking, “What is the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy? And how will co-therapy benefit me?” Physical Therapy is the use of exercise programs, manual therapy, and stretching to assist patients strengthen their bodies in order to return back to normal and sustain it, even after the conclusion of therapy. Occupational Therapy addresses the functional activities that each individual desires to perform throughout their lifetime. Modifying and adapting these activities according to the patient’s condition and background are key in personalizing a tailored treatment plan. 

Think about this: Tutu is the main caregiver of the family. She has always been healthy, active, and one-step ahead of the grandkids. Unexpectedly, she suffers a severe stroke and has to be transported to Oahu. The stress of the unknown directly affects the patient and family. The long recovery process impacts everyone emotionally, physically, and financially with the distance. As a family, you don’t want to spend any more time away from Tutu, but doctors are suggesting she has physical and occupational therapy to assist her with her recovery on Oahu before returning home to Hilo. A study conducted in 2017, concluded that the rate of readmission for stroke patients decreased when receiving physical therapy and/or occupational therapy within the 30 days following discharge (Freburger, 2017). No one wants Tutu to be on Oahu any longer than necessary – let alone back in the hospital. Ke Ola Kino Physical Therapy, LLC is able to provide Tutu with the PT/OT on Hawai’i Island to guide her on her road to recovery. 

Independence plays such a crucial role in our everyday lives. Whether it is our own independence or loved ones that are affected, there is no need to have other stressors added to an already stressful situation. Ke Ola Kino Physical Therapy, LLC provides physical and occupational therapy on Hawai’i Isle which allows therapists to work collaboratively providing patients with a functional approach towards achieving goals to enhance, restore, and rebuild confidence of your road back to independence (Phang, 2019). The journey to recovery may seem like a long, rough road right now; but, with the right resources in the comfort of our Hilo hometown, it can be a much smoother road. Seeing rehabilitation advances in our local community gives hope for the future of Hawai’i.



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Authored by Kyleigh Corpuz
Student at Pacific University
Edited by Dr. Malia Tallett P.T., D.P.T., T.P.S.

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