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Ke Ola Kino will provide care for patients with needs that fall into 5 categories:


Preventative Care 

Identifying potential problem areas and correcting them through guided movement and muscle development to help maintain physical health. Preventative care therapy can move a client toward total wellness and aid in avoiding issues from developing down the road.


Restorative Care 

The goal is to restore the patient to his/her highest level of  function. Individual programs are tailored to identify, teach, safely implement and reinforce the skills necessary for functional restoration.


Progressive Training 

Gradually increasing the degree of difficulty with each workout; making each workout more difficult than the one before. Changing various aspects of your workout such as speed, distance, weight and/or duration to ensure a constant and growing challenge.


Health Wellness and Education 

Equipping the patient with the necessary information for success in all aspects. Various group classes to provide the patient with the confidence to navigate potential barriers and challenges. If you are interested in any of the following classes, click on the class to learn more today!

  1. Caregiver Group 
  2. Kupuna Group Series
  3. Virtual Chronic Pain Series 



Custom Sole Support Orthotics 

No two feet are the same. Custom orthotics are the exact shape of your foot in the most corrective posture you can comfortably accept in order to encourage you back into your most efficient posture. Regardless of the tasks you are needing to complete in daily life, correcting your foot posture is crucial to your knees, hips, and lower back.


Direct Access in Hawaii 

Hawai’i is a direct access state.  You are free to access a physical therapist without requiring a doctor’s prescription.  This means that if you hurt your back lifting something at home, then you can call Ke Ola Kino Physical Therapy at (808) 339-7478 to schedule an appointment.  However, if you want your insurance to help cover the bill, then you’ll just have to play by insurance rules.  All PPO insurances follow the direct access laws in Hawai’i.  If you have a HMO (HMSA, UHC, Medicare) or a government subsidized plan (HMSA quest, medicaid, or Workman’s compensation), then you’ll have to obtain a doctor’s referral before accessing Physical therapy.  If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate and just call (808) 339-7478.  Here at Ke Ola Kino Physical Therapy, Dr. Malia Tallett, PT, DPT, TPS will help guide you in the right direction.
However, if you want to come in for a quick consultation, then give us a call at (808) 339-7478 and Dr. Malia Tallett, PT, DPT, TPS will be more than happy to consult on a cash basis.


Get The Care You Need All In One Place

Frequently, a patient must see a number of people to achieve each level of care listed above. This can require visiting many different locations.

At Ke Ola Kino Physical Therapy, you will receive all aspects of care in one location and your care is orchestrated by the same medical professional from start to finish.

Check out our Membership Packages*

Athlete Package – $150.00 + tax / month
1-monthly consult
4-tape jobs (1 tape job = 1 body part)

Kolohe Package – $800.00 + tax / year
4-After hours / holiday visits in the office.
In-Home visit if you live in Hilo proper.  Refer to Map boundaries

Ali’i Package – $1000.00+ tax / year
1 Pair of Custom Sole Support Orthotics
4 Consults
6 Telehealth Visits (20 minutes each)
24 Tape Jobs  (1 tape job = 1 body part)

*DISCLAIMER: Consults, visits, orthotics orders, and tape jobs must be completed by the end of the month/year in which the package was purchased. Benefits of each package do not carry over to the next month/year if they are not used.*

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